Radford is a wonderful city and the place my wife and I love to call home; for that reason, I’m personally invested in seeing Radford grow and thrive. As councilman, I would dedicate myself to finding avenues to increase revenue streams for the city through economic development, doing everything possible not to increase the tax burden on her people. We must take care of the necessities, like our schools and our law enforcement; and we need to continue to improve the city in every way possible. But we must do so carefully, being financially responsible—making sure we can actually pay for everything we do. 


The city council ought to be a reflection of the whole of Radford and ought to have a firm grasp of the needs and concerns of all her people. As councilman, I would have a policy of transparency and accessibility: I would explain every notable vote I take at council meetings, and I would be willing to meet or talk with anyone who wants to voice their opinion. Additionally, understanding that we’re in the midst of a shifting political environment, I want to be clear that to whatever degree it falls on city council to protect your 2nd Amendment rights, you can be sure that I will be a strong advocate for your individual liberties.


As an editor and data administrator for a Christian non-profit, words and numbers are a key part of my daily life. As councilman, I would bring that attention to detail to every meeting and every vote—carefully looking to make sure that the numbers add up and that the verbiage is just right for the benefit of our community. I would also be sure to sweat the “little things” that are truly important for Radford—like ensuring that our trash site is suitable for the city and that our roads are maintained as needed.

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